Show AND Tell

Murf on chair

I’ve been meaning to write something about Show AND Tell, and now I have…only I’ve put it into an article, for those of you who are interested, in keeping with my new goal of making my blogs shorter!  “Show, don’t tell” is a pet peeve of mine in writing.  I think what students/writers need to learn is to do both, but some have been so brain-washed into thinking that they have to show, don’t tell, that they’re afraid to tell–anything.  And their writing often lacks density and texture because of it.  So if you’re a writer and if you’re interested in reading my rather pedantic and laborious thoughts on the subject, please look for the first “Show AND Tell” in what may be a series of articles on scenes and exposition…under “articles” on my website menu. I sense that I have more to say on the subject!

And now that I’ve learned to add photos to my blog, I can’t resist adding one of my mutt, Murphy.  Now I can both show AND tell you that he’s adorable….

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