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Paulette (Tries to) Thin Out Her Books: Part I

July 2nd, 2013 | Blog, Gender Issues, Musings/Reminiscences | 16 Comments

IMG_1580I now have behind me the arduous task of self-publishing and promoting my novel The Answer to Your Question, and I finished teaching my on-line course on June 14th.  I set myself the deadline of July 1 to start working on my Willie Earle novel again.  I’ve signed up for Freedom, the software that blocks you from the Internet for whatever period you choose, and I’m going to try to work every morning for a few hours, without fail.  I know how important that is, and how hard it can be to do.

But in the two-week … Read More

“Submission Mission”: a Blog at She Writes

July 11th, 2011 | Blog, Gender Issues | 0 Comments

A few posts back (June 21) I wrote about VIDA’s findings of sexual discrepancies in literary publishing.  In the July/August issue of Poets and Writers Magazine, I read about a blog by poet Anna Leahy, “Submission Mission,”  in response to the idea that women writers don’t get published as much as their male counterparts because they don’t submit as often.   “Submission Mission,” hosted by the social networking site She Writes, presents submission prompts, ideas for where to submit work (, a monthly chat session and an exchange of ideas around the subject of getting your work … Read More

Subtle but Real: the Influence of Gender in Academia

May 13th, 2011 | Blog, Gender Issues | 1 Comment

Soaking in a hot bath (backache from too many downward dogs in yoga), the day after my birthday (spent, romantically, with not one but two men: the AC repairman who came to fix the AC that wouldn’t come on after a sudden, awful 90 degree day in the Twin Cities; and “A.J.”, a darling dude at the Verizon Store who helped me with my new “smart phone” and who, after erasing everything on it and rebooting it, said, “Oh. All you needed was to have this mobile data icon turned on.” If you are over forty and need taking down … Read More