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Here you’ll find information about me and links to my books, as well as articles about writing craft and process.  My blog consists of book reviews; various musings on this and that; too many pictures of my dog Murphy; a lot of revolting self-promotion due to my marketing of my books; and even a recipe or two. In a series called “The Reluctant Self-Publisher,” I recount my (mis) adventures in self-publishing. I also write about people and places that have meant a lot to me. It’s a grab bag, but I hope you can find some posts that interest, entertain, or even help you with your own writing. On the right sidebar of the blog is a menu of authors and my eclectic topics.

From the many years I taught creative writing, I’ve compiled a lot of what I learned from other writers in articles and some of my blog posts. If you’re looking for information and advice about the art and craft of writing, I hope you’ll browse through the CRAFT/PROCESS link on the right hand menu of the blog. There is also a link for “ARTICLES” under “Categories” on the Blog menu. There’s a lot here, so I thought I’d help you out by recommending a few pieces:

Vivian Gornick on Situation and Story

Henry James’ Weak Specification–Eeek!

Russell Banks’ Descriptions and “Try Harder”

Louise DeSalvo’s Stages of the Writing Process

Elizabeth Bowen’s Brilliant, Impossible Notes on Writing Dialogue

Shape in Writing: What Is It and How Do You Achieve It? 

Writing the Book-length Memoir

“Brainey” Ways to Write a Novel 

Show AND Tell

William Sloane on Density in Writing