Paulette…to the website of Paulette Bates Alden. Paulette is an author and a writing teacher who specializes in literary fiction and memoir. In addition to conducting writing workshops, she specializes via her website in critiquing book-length memoirs and novels, as well as short stories. She also occasionally works with individuals to develop their writing or a specific project. Please check under “Writing Services” for more information, and check the event listings for upcoming readings and workshops.

What I have to offer comes from my own experience of writing fiction and memoir, from years of teaching creative writing at the college level, and from thirteen years of providing many detailed critiques of work for individual writers via my web business. What I’m best at is standing back and seeing the “big picture” of a book or story, articulating what the issues are in a given work, and providing both encouragement and concrete suggestions for revision. I only take on projects I believe in.

I hope you’ll find the information you need here on my website. If you have questions or want to explore the idea of working together, please feel free to contact me.